Alison Lochhead


Volcano Theatre, Swansea. UK

Conflict – Abandonment and Migration

Sculptural Installation by Alison Lochhead

May 1st – 30th May 2018

Opening time: Monday - Friday | 10am to 5pm   

Opening evening - May 5th, 6- 9pm. All Welcome

27-29 High St, Swansea SA1 1LG
Phone: 01792 464790

The work made by Alison Lochhead reflects upon the memory of actions and experiences of people over time. The earth retains the marks made by humans and the memory of their presence and the injustices inflicted. Each person’s memory and experience is different and only parts remain, there is no ‘wholeness’, only fragments, but when different memories are pieced together they make a collective reflection and memory. 

People have been moving across our earth for forever; whether to find a kinder place to live, or because where they live is too unsafe because of conflict or because they are enslaved. This continues today.  Today worldwide 65 million people are fleeing their home as it is not safe enough to stay. During the 100 years of the height of the slave trade; one person was enslaved every 7.5 minutes and one died every hour. The slave trade continues today, getting stronger, and trade and profit still stokes it and the economy behind it. How many are enslaved is hard to quantify.

What do you think when you come across an abandoned shoe?  Each shoe holds the story of the person who wore it. Conflicts force people to leave their homes and walk vast distances, enduring unimaginable hardships.

‘Layered Memories of Conflict’

Sculpture Installation by Alison Lochhead

Gloucester Cathedral, South Transept, Gloucester GL1 2LX

June 6th – 15th July 2018

Opening times:
10am – 4pm daily and Sunday 12 noon – 3pm

The work is a reflection on the repetition and memories of conflict and war. It is a 100 years since the end of World War I. Why do we continue to think we can solve our differences through violence and conflict?

Materials: Clay, paper, cast iron and mixed media.





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