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Many of the sculptures are for sale.

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Alison Lochhead : Wrecks

Hiroshima 1

collograph print

The prints are a response to this poem

The Myth of Hiroshima 

What are they look for,

Running to the summit of lost time?

Hundreds of people vaporised instantly

Are walking in mid-ar.


                  ‘We didn’t die.’

                  ‘We skipped over death in a flash and became spirits.’

                  ‘Give us a real human death.’


One man’s shadow among hundreds is branded on stone steps.


                  ‘Why am I imprisoned in stone?’

                  ‘Where did my flesh go, separated from its shadow?’

                  ‘What must I wait for?’


The twentieth-century myth is stamped with fire.

Who will free this shadow from the stone?


Nobuyuki Saga

Translated from the Japanese by Hajime Kajima




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